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How Many Cloth Nappies Do I Need?

Angus The Labels modern cloth nappies are as easy to use as they are beautiful. With just one configuration for day and night and newborn to toddler you cant go wrong with these beautiful and versatile reusable cloth nappies.


If you're preparing for a newborn, or looking at making the switch and introducing cloth nappies for an older baby you might be wondering "How Many Cloth Nappies Do I Need?". Thankfully while the explanation is long, the answer is a pretty simple 24.
See newborns change far more often than older babies, up to 15 times per day and by the time your bay is 9 months old this will look more like 6-7 changes per day and once overnight (unless nappy is soiled in which case you should change as soon as possible). However, the way it works out is that as newborns need less absorbency and often use only one cloth nappy insert at a time so you can be washing some while the others are stored or being used. When a baby is older they will need more absorbency but change less frequently. So, with 24 cloth nappies, it all works out in the wash, pun intended.

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