5 Reasons To Love Gender Neutral Clothing

5 Reasons To Love Gender Neutral Clothing

Neutrals have sky-rocketed in popularity in recent years and for very good reason!

So what is it? What do neutrals have that dinosaur prints don't? What are the sad beige Mums on about and is there something to it? Let's break it down.


1. Neutrals look good.

This one is easy. Neutrals look good on everyone. It doesn't matter what colour hair, eyes or skin bub has they're going to look good in neutral colours. And why wouldn't you want your baby to look good! Everyone's taking pictures so you may as well be photo ready at all times.


2. Easy To Build A Capsule Wardrobe.

As Mums revel in the benefits of capsule wardrobes for themselves they're also cottoning on to the benefits of capsule wardrobes for their children. They make it easy to always look put together, no matter who's dressing the baby *cough* Dad *cough*. Tired parents can reach for whatever is on top of the laundry pile and pull out an instagram worthy baby outfit. Score! Even better is that the wildcard pieces purchased by Grandparents can blend right into a capsule. Elsa dresses and Bob the Builder shirts weave seamlessly into a neutral wardrobe and if anything flatter the wildcard pieces more because they aren't clashing with the Bluey pants and Peppa Pig hat.


3. You Can Share Among Siblings

Back to point 1- neutrals look good on everyone. Yes little boys can wear pink and little girls can wear blue, and they do, but for the parents who want to avoid conversations on weather or not baby James is spelled J-A-M-E-S or J-A-Y-M-E-S neutrals are an easy way to get multiple uses out of clothing across siblings while simultaneously avoiding gender confusion. This saves money, effort and time by reducing shopping. Hooray! Take our ribbed knit leggings for example, they're cream and cut in a neutral shape. Without being short or tight like many girls clothes are they offer a great option for little girls, while also being not jeans and not trackies which is more difficult to come by for boys than you'd realise. So even multi-gender sibling families can get a ton of use out of our neutral ribbed knit leggings.


4. Neutrals Don't Date

Millennial grey is a stain on our timeline frankly and it's a rude shock to those of us who are both millenial and like grey to find that our beloved shade is apparently showing our age. How rude! This might age poorly but I can't see anyone accusing beige of being anything other than the 'sad' they're already accusing it of any time soon. Being as us Mums dress vicariously through our children it's important to keep these aging timelines as murky as possible! Long live beige! Forever trendy and young in beige!


5. Neutrals Are Green-ish

Being as neutrals look good on everyone and can be worn by everyone they're easier to hand down and reuse over and over. Getting more wear out of outfits is so important. Especially as fast fashion ramps up around us. Having neutral staple pieces that are worn until they're in tatters in an easy and affordable way to dress sustainably.


All in all neutrals win on many fronts. They're easy to wear and easy on the eye, suit the rest of the wardrobe and are an accessible way for families to be sustainable. Yay for neutrals!


Emma x

Emma is the founder and CEO of Angus The Label, Mum of two and Step Mum of two. A self described Earth Mum Emma brings a particular bougie vibe to natural living through her company and loves to build community within her space.




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