Affirmations In Motherhood

Affirmations In Motherhood

They're scientifically proven to support mindset shift. But why, how and who cares?


You're the person you spend the most time with so if you need some kindness you're the right person to provide it. Mums, especially a stay at home Mums, spend a lot of time pouring from, and not much time refilling, their cups so affirmations are a great way to revive your energy a little without needing to leave the house. You can do your affirmations while you're rocking your baby, write them in the fog on the shower screen or speak them out loud to your kids while you prep their lunch if you're feeling the mood.


Affirmations are the ultimate way to take advantage of science and give yourself a little endorphin boost. Thank you neuroplasticity! If you've just thought 'say what now?' Neuroplasticity is the ability of our brain to rewire thought processes and neural pathways as we learn new things. Basically our brain adapts how we need it to. So if you order yourself a big ole helping of gratitude, encouragement, permission and self congratulation your brain is going to eat that shit right up and nominate a new way of thinking.


There are lists of examples for affirmations if you look but to be truly meaningful they have to be personal. Let me lay out the process by which you might formulate some affirmations for yourself. Let's start with a pat on the back. You've had the realisation that your stomach feels better if you have a few mouthfuls of water before your morning coffee. Okay, great! So your affirmation could be 'I am in tune with my body and know how to make it feel good'. Awesome! Do you really need to applaud yourself for every little thing? Well yes bish, maybe you do. No one else will and as we already identified you spend a lot of time with yourself you may as well start digging your own company.


What about some encouragement? Ok let's try a tough one. How many of us share the self proclaimed toxic trait of staying up late to have some me time? We know we need a little more sleep but we're fighting it harder than our 4 month olds in favour of tiktok. Let's avoid a comical take 'though shalt not stay up scrolling' and work on getting ourselves to bed 15 minutes earlier with a simple 'I nurture my health with rest'.


I can't promise you won't still feel the hard days ('I allow space for my emotions'- permission) they're inevitable. But like in this example you can lean on your affirmations to help process your grief, anger, despair or exhaustion. It's only after you've acknowledged your emotions you can move on from them anyhow so you might as well truly allow yourself the time while you're there.


On that note, let me express 'I am thankful to share this space.' Gratitude


Emma x


Emma is the founder and CEO of Angus The Label, Mum of two and Step Mum of two. A self described tree hugger Emma brings a particular bougie vibe to sustainability and minimalism through her company and loves to build community within her space.

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