How To Inspire Inclusion With Small Business

Happy International Womens Day! Angus The Label at its core is a business of women- for women. We aim to support you through your early post partum days and into toddlerhood.

But what does it look like to really include women for a business so small? It’s working with an accountant firm owned and run by a woman, it’s hiring women to photograph, hiring and fairly compensating young ladies to model. Being deliberate in these girls backgrounds to ensure diversity and representation to inspire inclusion. It’s partnering with female owned businesses run by women to stock Angus The Label products. Attending and supporting events owned and run by women. And of course working with incredible women in ambassadorships for Angus The Labels products.

At the back end this investment in inclusion is more serious. Inclusion looks like due diligence in manufacture and supply processes to ensure the women we partner with a fairly awarded for their work. That the processes and materials we use create minimal impact on their environments so as to not create problems with pollution and waste that often end up disproportionately impacting the more vulnerable communities and the women and girls at their backbone.

Including women can look like opportunity but it can also look like kindness. Encouragement. Support. Credit. Engagement. All qualities we share in our community to keep women winning. All simple choices we make daily to ensure women have the basics they need to keep achieving.

I’ll use this opportunity to thank every women in Angus The Labels orbit. You’re incredible x
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