Travelling With Kids

Travelling With Kids

If you’re a parent you know damn well that holidays don’t exist for you. That’s a given. There’s the planning, the packing, the managing of temperaments and all of that is actually exhausting. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still travel!


What’s the difference you might wonder? Well, holidays are relaxing while travelling is more just moving about and sightseeing. Holidays are for recharging and leisure, an extended break if you will. While travelling lends itself more to constant motion and activities.


If you’ve got kids, especially young ones, the idea of organising a trip can be daunting, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting out and seeing the world around you! Sure, it won’t be as spontaneous as pre kids and will probably involve a lot less time on pub tours but there’s still a ton of benefits to travelling with kids and a lot of fun to be had. For those of you who have the bug, let’s go through our top Tips for Travelling with Kids.


  1. Don’t Do Too Much

Keep your schedule as forgiving as possible. The little ones are still little and will need to nap, eat, look at rubbish on the ground and dig their heels in at the most inconvenient times possible. Keeping your itinerary light will help you be patient and minimise times of high pressure. Choosing just one or two activities per day is probably enough for most kids (and adults) and leaves more time for lazing around in the afternoon with hot chocolate and wine. Remember part of the adventure is just being together without the interruptions of work and chores.


  1. Reset Your Expectations

This isn’t going to feel like the time you backpacked around Europe with your friends in your 20’s. Times have changed. You might not be climbing the Eiffel Tower at midnight but watching a duck swim on a pond in Ballarat through your toddlers eyes can feel just as special. Although the 5am start times can be tough to stomach they’re easier to recover from than the 5am end times.


  1. Be Organised and Prepared

Going with the flow isn’t an option, at least not a good one. At a minimum you need your evenings accommodation and regular mealtimes guaranteed. Packing lunches, snacks and the days nappies, bottles, changes of clothes in your Angus The Label Baby Go Bags will keep things running smooth. For bigger kids and adults get into the routine of prepping entertainment for down time. Get your reading material ready, charge your devices etc. It’s always good to be prepared for all weather too. Sunscreen is just as important as cold weather gear, despite the forecast. Packing your Frankie and Boston Knit Jumpers within arms reach is a great idea in case the weather turns unfriendly. It’s good to actually check the forecast too. I want to reemphasise checking the forecast for reasons that involve breastfeeding a baby in the rain on a washed out hiking trail being eaten by mosquitos. I’ll leave that with you.


  1. Go For Cheap And Cheerful

If you’ve got cash to splash go nuts. If you don’t though it might be best to stick to low investment activities. That way you won’t be devastated if you’ve got to bail due to a random vomit/tantrum/forgotten favourite toy of the week etc. There’s nothing worse than financial stress on holiday. Just avoid it. Besides some of the funnest things are the shittest. Baby in fancy restaurant? Boring, predictable and a guaranteed killer of everyone’s buzz. Baby in the Bli Bli Castle? Funny, memorable, an out of body experience that your baby will be better off not remembering.


  1. Prioritise Yourself

You read correctly. You’re a person too. A hardworking person who deserves things planned for yourself. Sure you have kids and you want them to have a ball but it’s ok for them to tag along to activities you’d like to do every so often. This is how common interests are built. Besides it’s good for kids to learn that not everything is their favourite and families support each other. At least I think they do otherwise why have I been stomaching sausages once a week for all these years.


  1. Have Fun

This should go without saying but enjoy yourself. Yes you’ve got as much work to do on ‘holiday’ as you do at home but this is special. These are the moments you were looking most forward to as a parent. These are the days you can stay out late and have 5 more minutes on the swing. As a parent when you watch the world with your child you can almost see it anew as they do. Enjoy the adventure in the small things with them x


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