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Angus The Label

Cloth Nappy Trial Bundle of 5

Cloth Nappy Trial Bundle of 5

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The perfect way to start with cloth nappies. Reap the savings right away with 5 gorgeous gender neutral colours. With the Small Trial Pack of 5 you receive 1 cobalt nappy, 1 eucalypt pinstripe, 1 acorn pinstripe, 1 peony and 1 blush nappy.

* Nappy colour change requests are welcome 

Product Information

Angus The Label modern cloth nappies are size adjustable and one size fits most growing with your baby from newborn to toilet trained. They come with two natural bamboo inserts to cater for light and heavy wetting. Either snap inserts in for quick prep or stuff inserts into the moisture wicking pocket. Three separate pieces means faster drying times which is a total win for all parents! 

Stylish synthetic waterproof cover
Soft micro suede moisture wicking lining
Two piece insert; 85% bamboo, 15% polyester. Bamboo is mounted on polyester, bamboo is the material sitting against baby's skin.
AI3- All in Three Nappy. Can be used as AI2- All in Two
Hybrid Nappy- micro suede moisture wicking pocket and snap inserts
Grows with your baby, suitable for babies between approx 3.5kg and 20kg

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